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Here you will find all of the old news. If thres something you missed before, and want to find it now, this is the place to rock it.


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Old News:

FONT SIZE="4" COLOR="orange" FACE="arial"> 1-15-04
Updated the site with the schedule for the 2004 season. Also added some player stats for the 2003 season. To view these go to the roster page and click on whichever player you wish to view the stats for. These stats are only for the 2003 season. We were unable to get true stats for any season before that, however, if we ever do, I will update that information.

Other important news, there will be an informational meeting on January 26th and 2:30 PM in the Life Ed room. Questions about that meeting please conatact coach Bayzk or go to the contact page of this site.

Well, it certianly has been a long time since the last update, and the season is long over. We made a great run this year, making it to the state tourney for the first time ever, and beating Fitch in an intense qualifying game. I hope the tradition carries on even though a big core of the team has left.

Some site updates: the rest of the schedule has been updated, and the rest of the site will follow. I will update the roster, add a stats page for the 2003 season, put the rest of the pics up from last season, and do my best to keep the site updated even though I am now in college. I just want to thank everyone out there for making lacrosse in highschool one of my favorite memories.

Ok, its been a while since the last update, and our season has been in full swing for some time now. Check the schedule to see the results of our games. The Housatonic game got rained out after a half, and will be resheduled to an unknown date. New pics will be up soon, but i'm a bit busy, so give it some time.

Ok, its been quite some time since ive updated the site, and a lot has happend. The biggest news is the OT win against Immaculate on 4-15. Before the win however, we had two scrimmages cancelled and a game postponed on us. The Housatonic game is now on May 2nd, still a home game as far as i know, if that changes, i will post it. Other news: new pics up

Some updates guys:
The schedule has changed. We now have a Saturday game against Stonington, and a home game against Housatonic. Check out the updated schedule and print out a copy! . Also, I updated the roster page to the best of my ability. I added and "alumni" section, and filled in some blank spaces. However, I still don't have many peoples numbers, and I know I'm forgetting a few people. So please, if your info isnt correct, or isnt there, send it to me asap

Well, theres a lot of new info for this update. First off, there is a meeting this Thursday, the 16th, at 3PM in the Life Ed. room. There will be announcments and flyers up in school with this same information. Secondly, the 2003 schedule is up now, so go ahead and check it out! Another big change is that the pics section is being moved. I kept exceeding the bandwidth limit, which was a pain, so they are being moved. This doesnt affect anything too much, the "pics" links will still work, except you are going to be linked to a page which is being worked on right now. It should be up and running soon.

Hey guys, comming up on January 16, 2003 at 3:00 is a VERY important meeting. We are going to be meeting with our new coach and discussing uniforms along with numeous other important topics. It is imperative that you attend this meeting. We are giving you plenty of notice for this meeting, so I expect everyone to be there. In the event of a snow out, the meeting will be moved to the 17th, still at 3:00. The location of this meeting is TBA, and I will post that here as soon as I get the info. We will be spreading the word in school as well, so no excuses for missing this meeting boys. Lets start the season right!

Approaching winter I'm sure lacrosse isnt on that many minds right now, but it needs to be. There were many complaints about uniforms last year, and we plan on getting new ones this year. However, this is only possible if everyone shows up to the meetings we have. Estimated uniform cost is between 100 and 125. Please show up to the next meeting we have to voice your opinion on this issue. Also, at the next meeting we will address the coaching issue. As most of you have heard, we are getting a new coach this year. This issue will be discussed more at the next meeting, so please show up.

It's the new year, and we're in the new school. As it is senior year for a great deal of the team, this is going to be a good year. We plan on making this one a memerable year for the whole team. To do this though, the team needs new and higher levels of dedication and support than has ever been shown before in the past. This sunday, and every sunday after that for 6 weeks, you have a chance to show your dedication to the Suffield Lacrosse program. NED Lax (New England Developmental Lacrosse)is holding a fall league, and this is a prime time to get back into lax. Show your dedication by puttin the time in during the off season, this is the only way we will improve. I'm lookin forward to a great final year with the Suffield Lacrosse program!

Well it's been a while since the last update, and we've been through a lot. We've had a lot of games so I suggest you check out the schedule to view the results of them. Also, I have updated the roster so look at that too. We have only two games left, both of which we should be able to win. Unfortunately we are not eligible for the State Tournament this year, hopes for next year are high though. We appreciate all the fans that came to support us at our home games and at our away games as well. We hope to see you at our last two games as they are at home!

We'll after a dismal game against Stonington on the 9th we are hoping to rebound tomorrow, the 11th, when we play Avon. Pictures from the Stonington game have been added, so please, head on over to the pics section and view them.
That's basically all the news for now, so until next time...

Hey, the schedule is now up. My suggestion would be to go check it out, right now! But thatís just my opinion, you don't have to go. Ok, real team news now:
There is going to be a meeting Monday night (the 4th) at 7:00 in the cafe. Important team info is going to be covered (money, uniforms, practice requirements, captains, etc.) so it is imperative that you attend this meeting. Also, if you have a thought/idea about the team or anything relating to the team, this meeting is the time to bring it up.
Also, as a note, we are having practices after school everyday. They are currently very laid back, but that is going to change soon, right now we are just trying to help the newer players develop their skills. Be prepared for full practices to start very soon though.

Hey, re-did the site again for this season. Hope you all like it. It's not finished yet, but I'm working on it so give me some time! Got suggestions ... send em my way!

Spring is HERE and practice is starting MONDAY February 25. Please Meet in front of the gym right after school. Any new players that don't have their equipment bought yet better do so very soon. Please contact Nick or Steve with any questions.

There is another controversy over our coaching situation this year. I know nothing that is concreite fact, so I'm not going to post false info. I am just going to wait until the season comes around to see who our coach is.

Well, not much to tell except that I've talked to some people about goin to Games and Lanes and renting it so we could play some lax finally. I know I am very interested, so please talk to me in school, or contact me. Oh yes, added a page dedicated to our leading scorer of last year find out who it is right here!!

Today, I finished the roster and put the pics up.  Check out the Roster HERE and the Pics HERE.
Also, I want to get a group together sometime to go to our fields and play for an afternoon. I will try to contact everyone, but if you read this before I get to you, please contact me.
I am still trying to get a group of people together to go to the next MLL game that is played in Bridgeport.  If you would like to attend please contact me.

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